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Reading The Best Chronological Bible CanChange Your Life 

Most people read the Bible as a sense of comfort and out of obligation. Some of them believe that the more they read the Bible, the better their chances of getting into heaven. Some of them believe that by reading the Bible, they will gain some insight and wisdom and this will allow them to become better Christians.

But of course, some people read the Bible, looking for answers to important questions, life-changing questions. I have been reading the Bible, off and on for years, but have never completed or read the whole Bible. I have my favorite stories like Job, Proverbs and of course everyone's favorite, the end of the world, Revelations. I have probably listened to the book of revelations on audio about 10 times.

Studying Christianity for over 30 years has shed very little light on this religion, but has had an enormous impact on my life. The more that I learn about the holy Bible, the harder it is for me to agree with your average Christian. Don't get confused here, I have found other problems with major religions throughout the world.

Chronological Bible reading plan Even during times of backsliding, they will be able to remember the relationship they had with God and the truth of His Word. As parents, you can help show your kids that it's an important priority in life to read the Bible and pray to keep a strong relationship with God and that He is there to forgive when we make mistakes. By spending time reading the Bible with them, you will help steer them in the right way toward making good decisions.undefined

There's no better way for them to become familiar with the Word of God than with their parents and siblings. It will become less difficult for your loved ones to talk about spiritual topics and can show your kids how the Bible is more than a book but part of our daily life.

Here is what I have found to be true, if you truly want to believe in your religion, you will find everything that you're looking for. If you think or know that the Nation of Islam is the only true religion in the world, you will find evidence to prove and justify your decision. This evidence will come to you daily if you're looking hard enough.

Choose the Bible verses. There are plenty of Bible verses, and they are usually classified according to their themes. Some speak about love, others hope, a number strength, and sacrifice. Find the Biblical verses that speak straight to you. Normally the Bible has its table of contents for a variety of themes, and you can just look up the verses listed. If your Bible does not have them, you can download a guide straight from the Internet.

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